This post explains how to look at the strange beasts and frightening images of revelation, and how to understand them.

I will cover this in detail as we continue together in the book of revelation.

One of the problems people have is in the style or genre of literature that the book is written in. It is not a common style. It is a rare style. It goes with books like alice in wonderland or the hobbit series. The actual beast do not exist but the truth they represent is real, word of God truth.

Paul in his letters speaks directly to the intellect and will. Song of Solomon speaks directly to the romantic emotions. The history books to people who want to know how things happened. …. but the book of Revelation appeals to the imagination. Of course every word of the Bible speaks to every person, but I am talking about the area of the consciousness of people. You see the bible is not just one writer writing in one style. The Bible speaks to every person and each person is driven by different kinds of parts the human mind, emotions, will, spirit, artistic, intellectual, mystical, … will all find a book of the bible that especially speaks to them.


Revelation is powerful because it fires up the ¬†imagination. The mythical beasts in the book are so described as to frighten you with their power and cruelty…. but messiah defeats them with just a word of command. However, those who follow the beasts see their lives falling apart because ¬†satan, who inspires these beasts, is out to lie, kill, destroy, steal, murder.

On the other hand, when you see Jesus in all his glory in heaven, the community there, the worship, the glory, the peace, the safety, the love… you are comforted. It is in the imagination that you ‘see’, but it is also in the heart and the spirit that you ‘see’. DO YOU SEE????


You cannot understand the book of Revelation without knowing the WHOLE bible, because it is the Bible that will crack the codes of the book. For example you will see the wicked suffering on earth, but usually Christians are not mentioned. On the other hand often the suffering of people on earth is interrupted by pictures of believers rejoicing in heaven. This is because according to Ephesians, while i am alive on earth I am also seated in heavenly places in Christ. But the wicked are on earth, bound by chains of sin, guilt, confusion, deception. The consequences of the life of the wicked is immense suffering as they fall victim to poverty, disease, attacks of satan, victimisation by other wicked etc. The consequences for their nation is all kinds of catastrophes. Weather disasters, plagues, droughts, floods, earthquakes as their nations are judged by God.

You can also begin to understand revelation when you see Isaiah standing before Jesus in heaven, seeing his glory and holiness…. yet at that instant, Isaiah is standing on earth. Ephesians explains this. Isaiah was seated in heavenly places as well as standing on earth.


First you have to have a knowledge of the whole Bible. This means that when you wish to properly interpret revelation, you must have read the whole Bible several times. This is the foundation of knowing revelation. But then, on THAT FOUNDATION, you have to have spiritual revelation. The book repeatedly says ‘I saw’ and it is a book that needs the Holy spirit to take away the curtains of your inner eyes, and then what was blindness became blinding revelation, and let me tell you, it is exciting. It is thrilling. It is adrenaline pumping stuff.


However, as you read the book of Revelation, I am not saying that you cannot be inspired and corrected by verses in the book. You can and will. Songs have been written from revelation. Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of hosts. As you sing it, your heart is lifted up in worship and you see the picture in your spiritual imagination. You might read about Laodicea, the rich church, and you may be humbled by your lukewarmness, and you might repent. The Word of God will speak to you every time you open it and meditate on it,


Next to knowing the whole book of the bible, and having faith that the Holy Spirit will give you revelation of the book, you have to seek insight into the book as a person looks for gold. Seeking it is hard work. Digging for it is hard work. Separating gold from rock is hard work, but at the end of it all, there is the rich satisfying yellow gleam of pure gold.

It is going to take you 10, 15, 20 years to have insight into the book, so dont exoect instant coffee revelation. However, as you read, mediate and study, you can count on this fact. You will be rewarded each and every time with correction and encouragement from the book. You may not know exactly why, and sometimes you will know exactly why, but you will have blessing each time. That is the creative genius and spiritual depth of the book.


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The book of Revelation is in my mind the most creative and work of genius that the world has produced in the history of literature. Of course it is more than just literature. It is the Word of God.

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